Storytime Picks from Monday, July 16

After a quiet storytime last week, we had a wonderfully scattered program today, mostly due to one avid reader who could not wait for her story. So we did a warm up story (the greatDinosaur Roar!) before starting on our stretches. Then the group enjoyed a short, but fun rendition of a classic folk tale.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
by James Marshall

Marshall’s vivid style and signature humor enliven this classic tale about a mischievous little girl running afoul of three bears. When Goldilocks ignores her mother’s advice and takes a shortcut in the forest, she comes across the home of three bears. Being curious and a little naughty, she helps herself to some porridge, breaks a chair, and falls asleep in one of the beds. But what will become of Goldilocks when the bears come home? While some “Goldilocks” stories contain endings that may frighten very young children, Marshall caps off his rendition in a style that is, as the narrator might put it, just right.

One of the best aspects of reading folk and fairy tales to your children is the variety of tellings waiting to be explored. Try versions with contrasting artwork, contradicting plots and endings, and different languages. Most library children’s sections have a separate shelf for folk and fairy tales, so finding a new variation of a beloved story is quick and easy.

If your kids loved Marshall’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears, experiment with other versions of the story:


Storytime is every Monday @ 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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