Storytime Picks from Monday, July 2

Happy July! It was a hot week and it’s shaping up to be a hot week, but the inside of the Toy Lending Library is always cool, cool, cool. Perhaps the heat explains the extra large crowd of children in the library this morning, many of whom sat down for a quick, funny story and a quick, fun craft to go along with it:

by Oliver Jeffers

Floyd has a problem. His kite is stuck in a tree. To get it out, he throws his favorite shoe, but then IT gets stuck in the tree. So, of course, he throws his other shoe to knock out his favorite one, but then BOTH SHOES are stuck in the tree. Your kids will love the funny, quirky ways in which Floyd attempts to get his stuff (and everything else he throws up in there) out of the tree.  Jeffers is an expert storyteller – his stories are humorous, well-paced, and perfect for call-and-response between reader and audience – and his simple, scrawly style is a perfect visual match for the tone.

After we finished the story, we decided to get a few things stuck in some trees of our own. You can do this at home for an easy post-storytime craft. Simply print out the following picture (or any coloring page of a tree):

First, let your kids color the trees with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Then, using stickers of various shapes, colors, and sizes, have them place stickers all around the tree, noting when a particular sticker is similar to an object from the book. If you don’t have stickers, you can use cut out objects from magazines and newspapers to build a collage. Have your kids look through magazines with you and find objects similar to the ones Floyd throws into the tree. Cut them out, get a glue stick, and let them start sticking.

Want to try another Oliver Jeffers book with your kids? Check out these additional titles from the author:



Want even more Stuck? Check out this great video of Oliver Jeffers reading his book:

Storytime is every Monday @ 10 am and is intended for all-ages.


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