Storytime Picks from Monday, May 21

Things started off quiet this morning at the Toy Lending Library, but very quickly took a turn for the rowdy. Lots of kids took a break from running around outside in this beautiful weather to come inside for the playspace fun. Some of them even joined in for storytime!

After a few stretches and a rousing rendition of the “ABC Song,” we gathered around to read a fairly recent addition to the Mo Willems’ line-up of new classic picture books (but not before perfecting our alligator arms and accompanying “CHOMP!” sounds):

Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!
by Mo Willems

Amanda and Alligator are best friends. They love surprising each other, reading (and eating) books, and having adventures. Alligator’s not so good at waiting, but a new friend that Amanda has brought home might just help him kill the time while his best friend is away.

Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! is picture book story collection in the tradition of the best Mo Willems has to offer. The characters are well formed, the humor perfect for kids and parents alike, and the illustrative style distinct and inviting. Just like the Knuffle Bunny series, this book teaches kids about the importance of imagination and friendship, accompanied by lessons about the fun of reading and finding the real worth in the things around us.

The book is broken up into 6 1/2 stories, so it’s a little longer than the average picture book. Read the whole thing for your kids’ bedtime story fill or read a chapter a day to extend the fun.

To follow up a great story about an alligator friend, we made our own. Try this one at home. It’s easy!

What you will need
– One sheet of green construction paper
– Scissors
– Markers, colored pencils, crayons, or anything else to decorate your alligator

1. Fold the green construction paper in half, “hot dog” style (lengthwise)
2. On one side, trace an alligator body. Make sure to give it two feet!
3. Cut out alligator body
4. On the folded side, cut six equal diagonal lines into the back area, leaving about a quarter of an inch in between
5. Open alligator and fold open the cuts so it makes little triangles
6. Re-fold alligator and decorate!
(To make your alligator free-standing, simply fold the four legs so they sit squarely on the ground.)

Original alligator paper craft found here.

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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