Book Swap!

Building a good personal library of children’s books can be tricky and expensive. For every book that a child wants to read over and over again, there are at least two or three that never get looked at. Why not free yourself of some clutter and also discover some new-old books that might just get added to the favorites pile?

Right at the front entrance of thePTLLplayspace is a big blue bookshelf, filled with books that you and your children can peruse, read, and even take home! Bring the borrowed book back, or if you’ve found a new family favorite, bring in a substitute. Have a pile of children’s books in decent condition? Donate them to the library’s swap shelf and watch them take on new life in the hands of other children.

Not sure if the book your child wants to take home is a swap book or from the playspace collection? Check for the white donation sticker, usually located on the back cover. Anytime you want to add a book to the swap shelf, just make sure to mark it with one of these stickers.


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