March 2012 News

I thought we were long overdue in blogging about the goings on at our monthly board meetings, so I volunteered to do just that.  Surprisingly enough, no one else was fighting me for the honor!  All PTLL members are welcome to attend the board meetings and see for themselves what is discussed.  Our topics often range from mundane to philosophical, and the March 2012 meeting was no exception.

The Board continues with the process of overhauling the lending toy collection one binder at a time.  As our toys are borrowed, wear and tear happens, and although it is tempting to place all of the responsibility for the lending toy collection on the capable shoulders of Lending Toy Coordinator Katy Perrin, that is simply not fair as we have more than 300 toys with thousands of constituent pieces.  So, if you would like to pitch in and help with the overhaul, please contact Katy at for the next evening session.  They have been meeting on Mondays at 7 pm at the PTLL, but that does change based on our calendar and the church’s calendar of events.

The PTLL has been the grateful recipient of a Masters of Library Science Pitt Partner for the past few years, and we were saddened to find out that the program lost funding from the PA budget cuts.  Interns will be available next year, but at a significant cost to the PTLL.  We are writing a proposal for some temporary additional funding to cover the cost of the intern we hope to get next year.  Our current MLIS intern is Emily Fear, and if you are not familiar with her work, she is responsible for making our blog happen and our story time sparkle,  among many other things.

May is Volunteer Appreciation Month at the PTLL, and we have lots of fun activities to celebrate the wonderful volunteers that help manage the play space and our lending toy collection.  Raffle items are coming in, and it looks like we will have an even wider variety to choose from then in previous years, including Pilates classes, restaurants, and gift cards.  Save the date for the Volunteer Appreciation Party, which will be on May 2 at 7pm.

The PTLL has been growing steadily for the past few years and we are so excited by the families who have joined us as members.  Every month we are excited by the record number of people who visit the PTLL, either for the first time or as old friends.  In April, the Board will turn its focus towards the future for a strategic planning session to figure out how we should proceed for the next 37 years, and counting.  If you have ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the board to talk about them further.  We love to hear from you!

– Olivia Wells


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