Storytime Picks from Monday, February 27th

Three more days of February to go! The weekend offered a temporary chill, and cold times always mean more indoor times, so our storytime audience was ready to warm up and get loud with a few high energy stories about a couple of unruly dinosaurs:

No T.Rex in the Library
by Toni Buzzeo
illustrations by Sachiko Yoshikawa

When Tess misbehaves in the library, her mother puts her on a ten-minute timeout. But a knocked over pile of books unleashes a dinosaur that proceeds to run and rip his way through the children’s section. Can Tess contain the rampaging dinosaur before it destroys the library books?

Dinosaur VS. Bedtime
by Bob Shea

Roar! This little dinosaur can conquer any foe, from a big slide to boring grown-ups, but then he must face his biggest foe yet: Bedtime! Can dinosaur reign supreme over the irresistible pull of sleep?

Dinosaur books are a great way to bring physicality into your kids’ reading, so encourage them to participate with their own sounds and movements. Roaring and stomping along with the dino characters can allow kids to enjoy reading in a different way.

And if you’re looking to add something else special to your dinosaur reading time, try out one of these crafts with your children:

Dinosaur Finger Puppet

Paper Plate Dinosaur

Wading Dinosaur Paper Craft

Dinosaur Cookies

Paper Clip Dinosaur Cut Outs

Sensory Dinosaurs

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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