Storytime Picks for Monday, February 20

With only nine days left in February, it looks like the cold winter has finally caught up with us. Not much snow, but there’s definitely a chill! What better way to warm up on a frosty Monday than to join in with the storytime group, do some fun stretches and shouts, sing some fun songs, and learn a bit about a certain kind of bird that prefers the ice and snow: Penguins!

Before we started our penguin-centered story, we decided to build one for ourselves. The project is super easy and can be done individually or with a group. Using the following template, cut out individual pieces in the appropriate colored construction paper, then have the kids assemble the penguin, one part at a time.

After we had our storytime penguin assembled, we settled in for our featured book:

A Penguin Story
by Antoinette Portis

Edna lives with her fellow penguins in the article, and though the only colors she sees every day are white, black, and blue, she is convinced there is something… else. Exactly what, she is not sure, but she sets out to find that something else.A Penguin Story is beautifully illustrated, vividly imagined, and lovingly told. Readers will have fun with the frosty explorations of our plucky heroine and be delighted at the resolution, which finds Edna and her friends in awe of a tiny, but important piece of new information about their world.

When reading with younger children, focus on the color story. What do white, black, and blue mean to Edna and her fellow penguins? What other colors does she find in the end? What colors dothey like best and why? Use the room to illustrate different colors in their own environment. What colors dothey see most often?

With older children, have them consider the things that Edna might find on her next journey. Talk about the Arctic, the environment, and what other animals the penguins may come in contact with. Create a follow up story for Edna using the construction paper penguin, or try doing snow drawings with white chalk on black or dark blue construction paper.

And for more fun, try these other penguin books:

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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