Storytime Picks for Monday, February 6

What a difference a week makes! It’s sunny and cold outside, but warm and bustling inside the Toy Lending Library. Right around storytime at 10 am, we had a rush of kids into the playspace. So we gave everyone an extra few minutes to settle in before getting to our storytime stretches.

Sometimes, when the general volume of the playspace is that high, it helps to start off storytime even louder. We did our loudest storytime shouts yet, then played our percussion instruments at top volume. Sure enough, our group had doubled in size before beginning our story of the day:


Boo Hoo Bird
by Jeremy Tankard

What kid doesn’t get a boo-boo that just won’t feel better, no matter how many kisses, hugs, and cookies he or she receives? Luckily for our injured bird friend, he’s got a group of friends who will stop at nothing to make him feel better. In the end, what Bird needs most to feel better is to know how much his friends care about him. And maybe to lay off games of catch for a while…

If you and your kids are delighted by Tankard’s bold illustrations and quirky sense of humor, check out some of his other titles:

Want more Bird and friends? Check out this great book trailer!

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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