Storytime Picks from Monday, January 16

Happy Martin Luther King Day! The schools are closed, the libraries are closed, but PTLL was open on this holiday, making the playspace a great destination for parents with energetic little ones, but few places to take them. In addition, we had a group of visitors from Shadyside Academy, volunteering their time to help us clean up our playspace and lending library toys. (Pictures of their tour of duty will be posted soon!)

To best enjoy the rambunctious energy of a holiday, our storytime crowd played a rousing rendition of “Spot the Walrus,” a game best played in tandem with a fantastic 2011 new classic:

Where’s Walrus?
by Stephen Savage

For 32 vividly colored, word-free pages, readers can follow on Walrus’s journey, starting at the zoo and leading to a series of excellent disguises. Whether he’s posing as an ordinary businessman at a diner or joining along with a chorus of showgirls, Walrus will do anything to elude his would-be captor, the zookeeper.

If you’ve been reluctant to read a wordless picture book with your children, this is an excellent book to try. The story translates to even very young children, but the images are so comically rendered, even older children will be entertained. Children can point out the walrus on each page, but also identify other elements of the story, such as what the walrus is doing in each of his disguises.

Best of all, a wordless picture book is a great way to experiment with storytelling when reading to your children. Try telling them the story from the walrus’s point of view, then when you read it another time, tell it from the zookeeper’s. For older readers, ask them what each character might be thinking or saying on each page. By inventing and re-inventing the story, you and your children can make a pre-existing picture book all your own.

And if you and your kids want a little more Walrus fun, check out this great book trailer featuring author Stephen Savage!

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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