Art Group – Wednesday, December 14

First we had our Snowy Day storytime on Monday. Toddlers, Twos and Threes Art Group got into the spirit with snow paintings. Using Q-tips, white tempera paint, and blue, dark blue, and black paper, our artists explored different snowscapes, including light snowfall (like Abby’s work above) and somewhat… heavier snowdrifts:

That’s the fun of snow paintings – doing less or more creates an entirely different feel to the paintings. It’s a great way for kids to explore scale, how similar ideas can be explored in a variety of perspectives through adjusting the technique slightly. The colored paper offered a great contrast to the white paint, making each image standout against its start background.

Q-tips are just the start. Fingertips, paint brushes, rollers, stamps, pencil tips – there is no limit to the tools kids can use. Simple ideas can produce super effective work, and even the youngest children can learn to adapt various objects in creative ways.

Hopefully, with all the snow-themed activities this week, we might summon a little snowfall for the holiday season.

Toddlers, Twos and Threes Art Group meets every Wednesday at 10 am and is open to all members and visitors (with paid admission to PTLL’s playspace). The group is run by Megan Spak and Elisabeth Moyer.


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