Art Group – Wednesday, December 7

Toddlers, Twos and Threes Art Group
tried drawing a little differently this week, using chunky homemade crayons, recycled paper, and a variety of textured plastic sheets. The kids rubbed the crayons vigorously on the paper in an attempt to make the hidden pictures appear. The effect was enhanced by the multicolored crayons, a product of melting together the old PTLL crayons and allowing the wax to dry in different shaped molds.

The plastic sheets used offered a variety of shapes and pictures. The kids could use one or combine them to create multiple images on one paper. If you don’t have the pre-textured sheets, you can still do these kind of drawings at home with your kids. Try other easily found items, like leaves, rocks, even try placing bits of sand underneath a piece of paper for a shifting, abstract textured drawing.

Getting the paper to stay still while rubbing with the crayon can be difficult. If trying this at home, we suggest doing what we did and taping the paper and textured item to the table or work surface. Just make sure to use tape that will come off easily once the drawing is done.

Let your child feel the texture of the item before putting it under the paper, or  have the item already covered with the paper and watch their surprise as the picture comes out. Regardless of how you do it or the materials used, rubbings can be a great way of introducing the concept of textures into drawings.

Toddlers, Twos and Threes Art Group meets every Wednesday at 10 am and is open to all members and visitors (with paid admission to PTLL’s playspace). The group is run by Megan Spak and Elisabeth Moyer.


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