Storytime Picks from Monday, December 5

Sometimes it’s hard to get started on Mondays, but that’s never the case with our morning storytime crowd! We’re going to get started on some holiday and season appropriate reading next week, but for this week we focused on some of the things we love best: Animals, movement, and making lots and lots of noise! Just what book got our storytime kids to go wild?

by Rufus Butler Seder

Seder’s Scanimation books are so much fun! Using a blend of animation and paper techniques, the images really seem to move as you turn each page. Move the page forward and the image moves forward. Flip it backward and the image moves backward. Kids love to watch the pictures move and to imitate the movements and make the sound effects to match.

Want to see more Scanimation? Check out these fantastic titles:

Want to know more about how this amazing process works? Check out this short video with the author and illustrator/Scanimation innovator, Rufus Butler Seder:

Storytime is every Monday at 10 am and is intended for all ages.


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