Last Minute Costume Idea Round-Up

Oh, the Halloween costume.

For many creative, resourceful parents and children, it can be a wonderful experience in planning, designing, and constructing the perfect robot or cowgirl or bunny rabbit or monster. Brainstorming can start as early as May or June in some households, with the actual creation of the costume starting even as early as August. These are the kids who don’t have to worry about approaching Halloween parties come October. They are ready.

These are the advance planners. Then there are the households like the one I grew up in, limited by time, manpower, and a certain amount of skill with crafting things. We may have thought of our costume idea in June, but we didn’t do anything about it until October, and then we realized that what we wanted to do was completely implausible in that time frame, and suddenly, it’s the second to last week of October, and we’ve got no costumes.

If you and your kids are in this predicament, fear not! There is just over a week left, and that’s plenty of time to throw together a good costume. A quick tour around some blogger ideas may help give that last minute costume planning the jumpstart it needs:

Lil Octopus @ Inspiring Pretty

Penny Costume @ Inspiring Pretty

Paper Doll @ Family Fun

Owl @ The Educator’s Spin On It

Baby Sasquatch @ PBS Parents

Dinosaur Capes by Pip and Bean


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