Wednesday Website – No Monsters in My Bed

Every Wednesday, the PTLL blog will feature a website that may be of interest to you and/or your kids. Feel free to visit the website and let us know what you think in the comments! If you have a recommendation for Wednesday Websites send an email to Emily –

This week’s website:

No Monsters in My Bed Blog

Website audience: Parents

Website focus: General thoughts and anecdotes on parenting and ideas for crafts, activities, and other fun stuff to do.

Sample features: “Things to Make – 25 Things to Make with Your Kids This Fall” “Things to Read – Nurture Shock & Talking to Kids About Race” “Things to Do – Get Bad Guys

Language: English

Best reason to visit the site: Darcy’s a mom out of Washington, D.C., and her blog is the place to be for great craft and activity ideas for you and your kids. It’s sophisticated and literate, with plenty of great photos. She even has several pages devoted to recommended things to do, make, read, and places to go. A really lovely parenting blog.


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