A Brief Introduction to the Blog

If you’re one of the many PTLL parents bustling through all of the day’s responsibilities, you might wonder to yourself, “I already have so many things I read and sites I check on a regular basis. Why should I make time for a blog related to the Toy Lending Library?”

Good question.

The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library has many “spaces”: A toy library-space. A play-space. A party-space. Even a bookclub-space. But where is a space for our members to express their personal perspectives on parenting?

Where is a space for members to share experiences at the library or information related to family-friendly programming and events around town?

Where is a space that allows members to share photos or video footage of a birthday party held at the library?

This space. The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library’s blogspace.

This blog is meant to be as much of a reflection of the library’s members as it is of the library itself. We hope that you will make time not just to read the content on the blog, but to contribute stories of your own. In that way, you will be helping to bring the community of PTLL’s various real-life spaces to this virtual space.



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